How to find your authentic voice

Yesterday I went shopping with my mum. This was a rare mother-daughter day that we had both been looking forward to. I was on the hunt for a special outfit. I wanted something special, but not too special. And predictably nothing was quite right. Every dress was too formal, too informal, too young, too old,…… Continue reading How to find your authentic voice

What is confident writing?

The concept of confidence, in writing and in the wider world, has occupied my thoughts lately. At work, the idea of a confidence gap between genders has resurfaced, along with a lot of hand-wringing about how to bridge the gap and encourage more women into leadership roles. Mentorship programs have been set up in my…… Continue reading What is confident writing?

Favourite books from childhood and why I’ll never reread them

Image from   As a child, there was rarely a moment when I didn’t have my head buried in a book. Of course, they were simpler times—BC (before computers)—but I imagine I would have been a bookworm regardless of other distractions. My kids still manage to read voraciously despite the constant lure of screens.…… Continue reading Favourite books from childhood and why I’ll never reread them

Cuts deep

Yesterday I, for better or for worse, went to the hairdresser wanting a change. I said I was sick of my long hair, that I wanted to go shorter, and her whole fabulous face — framed by a crazy super-short fringe and a streak of burgundy — lit up. So, I would have to say…… Continue reading Cuts deep